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Cross Country Communication

In today’s scenario, international and culturally diverse world economy, cross cultural differences can have an impact on business success. Both at an international and organizational level, understanding the values, etiquettes and protocol of different cultures can positively influence your dealings in the worldwide market place.

A lack of cross cultural awareness can result in misinterpretations, which may cause offence. Such outcomes may end in your reputation being tarnished and your business objectives impacted. Cross Cultural understanding and appreciation of foreign etiquette is important for today’s globe trotting business person to avoid such negative repercussions.

The people should have a better understanding of their own cultural values and of the role of culture when communicating with people from other backgrounds. People should have an understanding of other cultural values, beliefs and attitudes and how they apply to living and working in another culture.

Corporations are becoming information based, electronically connected and globally interdependent. The focus on globalization is driving organizations to use communicational technology to resolve issues of distance, time and culture. Technology is seen as a solution to cultural and geographic differences as the workforce/ manpower increases.

The greater the space, distance, time, complexity of task or diversity of tem members, the greater the chance for failure.

Technology challenges a team member’s ability to retain their own cultural processes and identify. It intensifies cultural variables of time, communication, relationship and distance.

One should learn something about the country, local customs and cultural sensitivities to avoid making fuss abroad. Be on the side of prosperity. Maintain a low- key in dress, manners and behavior. Do not rush to greet and introduce, in an effort to get down the business quickly. One must expect the meetings and negotiations to be longer than anticipated. Build more time into schedules.

Never show impatience or irritation. Politeness and respect always matter. Express yourself carefully.

Accents, idioms and business jargon may be unfamiliar. Listen attentively, as it shows that are alert and attentive to what is being said. Indicate sincerity and concern towards issues to build a win- win situation. Avoid public criticism or comparison with your own country. Familiarize yourself with customs surrounding gift giving and business entertaining. Build relationships and trust, which is a key to successful global partnerships.